Streamlabs Registration and Setup Guide

If you’re already started streaming (if you not, then check out our “How to start streaming ?” article), Streamlabs is one of the crucial apps for a streamer. Streamlabs is a platform, where you can add different widgets, alerts (also modules, and notifications), and other animations. This is for displaying the subscriptions and donations, that you can get by the platform itself. You don’t just encourage others to donate to you, but it lifts the stream mood.

In this guide, we go through Streamlabs as a platform, how you can register, and set it up. What are the steps to use it smoothly and safely? If you’re already specified the settings, then Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio is the next step to start the stream.


You can register to the platform with the help of this link.

streamlabs registration

They made the registration process, by using third-party platforms. You should use that platform, where you want to stream, therefore it will be already connected to Streamlabs.

Set up streamlabs payment

After the login, Streamlabs wants you to add an account, where your donations can arrive. The simplest one is a PayPal account, if you already have one, that’s the best option.

Of course, you can add others, later on at the payout settings. If you choose this one, just click on Continue.

download streamlabs obs

After that, the platform instantly gives us the option to download Streamlabs OBS. If you want to start the stream right now, then download and set up SLOBS with this article.

For now, you should just click on Skip. Later you can easily download the software, but for now, we focusing on Streamlabs as a platform, settings.

streamlabs prime subscription on registration

Recently, Streamlabs is getting more and more reputation, therefore they added more things to their portfolio. Their subscription is called Prime, where you can get stream overlays, different themes, a complete website, etc. (But our opinion, if you want to be a professional streamer, then you need a whole website, where you can detach a little, from the platforms and you can build your base.)

But in the beginning, you should focus on the stream content, you want to do interesting stuff and broadcast, and not pay attention to the newest apps and equipment.

The Platform

Streamlabs dashboard first view

On the picture, you can find the Analytics tab, where you can follow your donations, followers, subscriptions, and others. This view can differ based on the platform features, where you streaming. Then on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook will show other things, then followers, etc. But you will find the main numbers here.

On the upper right corner, under the profile, you can set the language, If you prefer.

On the left side, you can find the features, services, and settings. The setup for the Alert Box, and other widgets, you can find for OBS Studio here, or Streamlabs OBS here.

The Donation History is placed under the “Account”, where the donators and the biggest tips senders are visible.

Under that, is the My Members or My Subscribers tab, where you can see those, who are joined to your Twitch or YouTube channel.


Streamlabs Settings

The last one, on the menu (right side), is the settings, where is the most important settings are stored. The Donations Settings is where you can change the preferred payment platform, which accounts you want to use, and where to send the money, which we spoke about earlier. You have the option, to direct credit card payments too.

The Donation Settings includes elements, which is for the formality of the donations.

Starting at the top, the first option is the currency. You can pick a dollar (USD), or euro (EUR).

The next setting is the minimum amount, that your viewers can send you. The default is one USD or EUR, as you picked. You want to honor and be glad if you get any donations.

At the maximum message length, you can set, how many characters they can with donations. If you want to use reading for donations, then you can prevent reading the “funny” texts.

The Login Required option is a good one, which excludes those who want to donate without an account. It’s again to prevent unsuitable texts from donators.

At the Tipping Presets, there is an option to predetermine the Tips and Donations. The Streamlabs already added from $1 to $10 for those who started now. Later on, you can add bigger ones.

The Preferred Lingo gives us the option to rename the “Donation” text to Charity, or Contribution for other purposes.

The Your Page is what you need to add in your stream description, where your viewers can donate to you.

The Donation Settings pt2.

Scrolling further you will find the Pro Viewers settings. This is one of Streamlabs’s features, where the donator can stand out from the other donators. It gives them a bigger opportunity for donations. They can add different emojis, backgrounds, which will pop up during the stream at the time of the donations.

The Button Color means the donate button color on your page.

The Donation Memo is an important function because this message will appear on the donation page.

Under the Donation Leaderboard, you can enable, to show the most donations and their donation quantity inside the stream.

In the Banner Override, you can upload a cover, which is placed on the donation page. You need to follow the required size which is 640 x 190, to take advantage of all the place

The Profanity Filter is the built-in word excluding function. You can add indecent words, which will be automatically denied by the filter. Many words are included, but the Custom Bad Words give you the option to add more.

Streamlabs Account Settings

The Account Settings tab is where you can add more streaming platforms to your account. Just click on the Merge button and log in to your preferred platform.

The General Settings is where emails are located, and the settings of the Dashboard. After login, you want to see the Dashboard or the recent events.

The import will be useful if you already used other platforms. Because with this feature you can copy the previous settings from platforms like Streamtip or StreamElements.

The Shared Access page is where you can add more accounts to yours, therefore if others are using this account can customize it and reach the settings.

Streamlabs Integrations

The Integrations is a whole different story, where you can connect other services and platforms to Streamlabs, like Patreon or Discord. If you successfully added the platform, for example, you can show the Patreon followers through Streamlabs at your stream. Then after the end of your stream, when you play a “cast”, you can write out their usernames, or you can create an instant notification as well.

You probably already using Discord, which you can connect to.

The last tab is the API Settings, which is mostly for developers because this is a “direct” connection to the Streamlabs platform. If you making an application, or a platform, like an external voting app, which your viewers can use during a stream, that’s the option, you can use to show notifications.

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