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You already decided to start streaming, you’ve set OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS, but you don’t know which streaming platform to choose. There’s more and more platform, that you can choose to stream on, so the decision is hard, where you should start. But after all, which are your options

Which live streaming can you choose of?

There’s four option to choose from:

  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Independent

There are more alternative websites, but these are the main ones, probably three, but we cover the fourth one later on. Not to mention these give you the best opportunities.

Some platform is better for other streaming categories, and each of them is giving you a huge amount of advantage, and features for your help. In this article, you can read about these advantages and disadvantages too, along with which live streaming platform you should choose.


First streaming platform is Twitch

We should start the biggest. You can think, that Twitch is the best option, and you don’t need to look for another streaming platform, because this is the biggest one. There are daily 15 million active users, with more than 9 million channels. However, that’s not the biggest disadvantage.

The site is freely available for everyone, and with just some click you can create your channel. You can pick a popular game, like Fortnite, CS:GO, Valoriant, or League of Legends and you’re ready to go. But for months, probably you will be streaming with zero views. The competition is huge, we can’t get around that. Therefore, without any other signal, you will grow slowly, and you have a minimal chance, that you will be discovered and within the number of weeks you will be one of the number 10 players on Twitch.

But we can see this as an advantage. If you want to have a large follower base, and you want to be a classy streamer, then Twitch is your choice.

You can create short videos from your stream on your channel. Place them into playlists, what is available for your viewers too, then there’s something to watch when you’re not live. Add some emoji to your chat, and there are many chatbots out there (like Streamlabs), which can be your main moderator but includes many functions too for viewers.

The platforms provide subscriptions along with donations, but users can follow you too (which can help you make a decent amount of income), but you need to know, that firstly you an application is needed to the Twitch Affiliate partnership program. The catch, if you apply for this program, your only platform will be Twitch, then you can’t stream to multiple platforms. (We’ll talk about that later)


YouTube gaming streaming platform

YouTube is on the market for a while, mostly known by the videos, but the Live function is there a long ago as the Gaming section too. Essentially the gaming section is created, because as a competitor for Twitch, and to make an alternative solution. This is done quite well.

If you are a video creator or an influencer, then this must be your first choice. Because your YouTube channel already has a decent amount of followers, then they don’t need to go to another platform, to watch you live. Thereby a long-term relationship is made with your viewers, and on your category, there’s a better chance for discovery.

While Twitch is dominate the gamer’s attention, this will be a disadvantage that you will face in the first place. However, the streaming platforms mentioned in the first paragraph are getting broken down the idea, that Twitch = Stream.

On YouTube, Google Adsense provides you income through streaming (and you can get a noticeable amount added to the videos). Of course, there are other income streams on YouTube, like SuperChat or subscription packages, as like on Twitch subscription, the followers can subscribe to your channel (this is available on your standard channel too).

You can record the live stream in one piece, and that saved streaming will land on your channel, which is watchable after the broadcast. And if you are into quality, then this is the place for streaming 4K – 60 FPS (but just get enough internet speed and computing power 🙂 ).

Facebook Gaming

Facebook gaming streaming platform

I hope you’re not surprised, that the biggest social media platform, is broken into the streaming world while taking out a big chunk from the used products market too. Amazon, Google, and after Microsoft, Facebook also created its gaming section, which is a good choice to pick.

It’s not surprising, that with help of the platform’s thousands of engineers, within blinks the streaming service is done, which biggest opportunity, that you can show up on the main timeline with it, and the users can find you within clicks.

Then you’re existing follower base is easily moveable, but they can find on their own feed, which gives you the advantage to reach out to thousands, moreover ten of thousands of people (probably I shouldn’t explain more why it’s good for you). Not to mention, you can reach those people who are not really into streaming but browsing on Facebook.

But as we continue, Facebook expands the platform with some biggest events, like Paladins or Heroes of the Dorm, but we can mention one of the global e-sport businesses, the ESL. Whiches reaches more and more gamers again.

While other platforms, like Twitch or Facebook, have the function for different streams of income, this platform lacks that. On Facebook, the “Level Up” is giving you the same options for income. With this service, you have personal help, and the resolution of 1080p and 60 FPS, while the starter’s only option is 720p. You can make money with Facebook Stars (as like on Twitch with Bits).

After acquiring Mixer, these numbers grew a lot, and this will continue further. While Mixer was a great streaming platform, with a lot of options to engage with your viewers right now Facebook does not give the same amount of choices.

Right now, with the introduction to Meta (Facebook so-called new name) and with the “Metaverse”, the platform will go through many modifications. How do you interact with the users, and what’s are your features.


dacast streaming platform

This option is mainly for companies and entrepreneurs. The site gives you a whole website, with an independent streaming service, where you’re controlling everything. And I mean everything.

While other platforms give you features with donations, chat, addons on platforms like Dacast you get a whole platform where no streamer addons are added, but opportunities to grow as a business. It’s mainly suitable for businesses who want to acquire the traffic and don’t want to share that with others. On the other hand, ads like on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, there’s none. It’s in your hand too.

For starters, it’s not a good choice, but for those who streaming together in a house or under a company, this opens many doors.

Which streaming platform is your best option?

In the beginning, you should try all of them with streaming to multiple platforms, with the help of Restream, OBS Studio, or Streamlabs OBS for two-channel.

After all, if you have any questions, ask in the comment section, and send a message on the contact page.

With a certain amount of views, you will know which platform is the best for you, which site gives you the most opportunity, and where your real followers find you. But the best is to try all of them.

but organically may be the last place to go.

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