What is the recommended internet speed for streamers?

Are you ready for streaming? Then you need to ensure the following: one powerful computer, where you will run the streaming software and a good internet speed for streaming. Okay, probably you can start streaming with just a smartphone or a notebook.

But we can say, that most of the time from a 1Mbit/s to a 100Mbit/s internet speed is recommended for streaming. As slow as your internet speed it will be lower quality, there will be lags and FPS drops, or your connection will drop too.

Now you can see, the internet speed is an unmissable thing because without it you will be lost control over your stream and the picture will break. Before you run to your service provider you should know what is the recommended internet speed for streaming.

How you calculating the uploading and the downloading speed?

You constantly using the internet, browsing Facebook, the videos are loading fastly, so what’s will be the problem with the speed, right? It’s not that simple by no means, because most of the time when we talk about these things is called downloading speed and not uploading.

At the time of the broadcasting, only the uploading speed matters. On average the service providers are focusing on the download speed only, while the upload speed is not reaching the same amount. This is the main problem that will face you, with a general internet speed.

If you want to stream 1080p with 30 FPS settings (we’ll get to that soon), then a 4500 kbps, so 4.5 Mbit/s uploading speed is the base minimum. Then, that’s mean If I have a 5 Mbit/s uploading speed, that’s enough? Not at all.

Do you know exactly, what’s your internet speed? You can check at speedtest.net.

The current game, that you play is connected to the internet (like LoL, CS:GO, Valoriant, etc.), then you need to add that consumption to the calculation. If you playing some royalty-free or subscription-based music, follow what’s happening on the chat, and sometimes you write back on Meta, a plus + 5 Mbit/s is reasonable too.

In total, we can say that in theory, you need a 15 Mbit/s uploading speed, but in practice, it’s not enough. Since many times the internet speed is not certain, and if we over by a little, then instantly slowing down. In the end, you need to double that speed.

What’s the ping and why it’s need to be low?

The ping indicates, how fastly communicates your computer to the server, that you sent the signal. It can be the Facebook or the CS:GO servers. If your ping is high, then your internet is crappy and laggy, this may be mainly due to server distance, and of course, if you’re using Wi-Fi, you’re far away from the device.

This is an important factor due to streaming, because if you are using a far-off Twitch or YouTube server to stream, then the connection can be lost, easily. Luckily OBS Studio and the stream platforms pick, the nearest server for you to connect, but you can choose manually and search for a better one.

How much does it cost a good internet speed?

Based on your location, that will influence your internet speed price, and how you can get a good one. In the countryside, you may only get a satellite connection, while in the big cities fiber connections are reachable for you to connect to the internet.

Based on the usnews.com article, you can get good internet speed, in cities, from $30/mo as an average speed with 100 Mbit/s, to $100/mo as the best, like from Google Fiber, 2 Gbit/s with not so much difference between downloading and uploading speed.

In some areas, the fiber cable may not be installed yet, but it’s worth a try, because if many people want to use it, then they will develop.

What are the recommended internet speed for the platforms?

For the different quality, you need higher speeds, as the resolution is higher, as the frame per second is higher, which means more data.


720p / 30FPS3000 kbps
720p / 60FPS4500 kbps
1080p / 30FPS4500 kbps
1080p / 60FPS6000 kbps

On YouTube, you have the chance to stream in 4K (just get enough power and internet speed):

720p / 30FPS4000 kbps
720p / 60FPS6000 kbps
1080p / 30FPS6000 kbps
1080p / 60FPS9000 kbps
1440p / 30FPS13000 kbps
1440p / 60FPS18000 kbps
2160P / 30FPS34000 kbps
2160P / 60FPS51000 kbps

While on Facebook:

720p / 30FPS3000 kbps
720p / 60FPS3000 kbps
1080p / 30FPS6000 kbps
1080p / 60FPS6000 kbps

For now, we can see that the base is 720p and 30FPS, which bitrate is a minimum of 3000 kbps. But if you just reach this value get ready, that the stream will stutter.

How do you make your internet speed faster?

There are some concepts and misconceptions about speeding up your internet speed, but for starters, you can’t make so-called faster speed.

Firstly, before you go into the mystery of speeding up the internet speed, one crucial element in the chain of streaming, is that your computer. So start with speeding up your PC.

After that, the first thing is the base, go to your internet speed provider and check what’s packages and subscriptions are available to you. If your speed is not enough, that’s the time to pick a higher package or you can change your service provider. Somewhere maybe you can find a cheaper solution with better speed.

The next one in the ranking is that your router. While you can have a speedy internet speed, but the hardware requirement is not enough, especially for managing the 1000 Mbit/s connection. If we’re already speaking about routers, then a wired connection is crucial, in the case of notebook or desktop.

If you start streaming through Wi-Fi, it’s enough for somebody to close the door, and you disconnect from the network, as your viewers too.

There’s no time for torrent too (of course to share some images with your mates) because at the time 10-20 peers can be connected to you. In the same way, if you have many devices hanging on your network, your TV, smartphone, then it’s time to disconnect them for good.

If you’re not read the How to start streaming article, this is the time, and update the drivers, OBS Studio and Windows or macOS too. Not only you can get more speed, but it’s important for security purposes and vulnerability too.

At the end of the day, what to do?

Don’t think too much about streaming, the best you can do is to start streaming. While the testing and the good internet speed are important, but in the first phase, that’s not essential. But that you are there and spending a good time with your viewers.

What’s important is that if you’re playing multiplayer games, then have a minimum of 10 Mbit/s uploading speed. But do not exaggerate, while you have enough computing power and good internet speed you’re good to go.

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