How to start streaming? Ultimate Guide for beginners

Do you want to start your streaming career? You watched Twitch, and you think, that you can do it too? Then here is your ultimate guide which shows you how you can start streaming.

We will discuss the details, from the beginning, like what you need to start streaming. We will talk about PC setups, software, and others. Let’s begin.

What do you need to start?

  • Computer, or laptop
  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Mainly good internet connection.

That’s it, and you can start right now. Okay, that’s not all, before you begin, we should check the details about the computer. Twitch specifies the following minimum requirements, but it mainly depends on your setup and the software that you are using.

Processor: Intel i5-4670 or AMD FX-8350


Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium

Video card: NVIDIA Geforce 960

Nowadays you can start with a notebook because it’s a compact solution if it has similar requirements as listed above. But you should take care of overheating, you can easily prevent this with a notebook cooler. Most of the time it involves a new external microphone, but take into consideration your notebook value.

Following the requirements, which you read about. These are only the minimum requirements, but you need to test and check your computer, that it meets the streaming criteria, with games like Fortnite or League of Legends.

Along with the hardware requirements, the internet speed is mentioned as well. You can measure your internet connection here, and find out it is good for start streaming. The recommended downloading speed is 10 MB, and the uploading speed is 10 MB as well. Under this speed, you will see many lags, FPS drops, especially in internet games. So the test is important.

The recommendations are basic, but indispensable to start your stream career. What is better than that, is that you can start streaming along with your current job, and upgrade of one your accessories, if It’s not meet these.

Best-known streaming software, OBS Studio

There are many streaming software right now, that you can find on the internet. Like Streamlabs OBS, and currently the Twitch Studio, but to stay on the path, in this guide we are using OBS Studio, which is the main application and the standard. Some streamers use OBS Classic but are not supported for a long time. opening page, download OBS Studio

Let’s go to OBS Studio website and download the software, choose your current os.

Before you run through the installation process, choose your SSD for the directory, if you have one installed in your computer. It takes care of speed and runs the software smoothly. It’s open-source and free software, therefore sometimes some bugs get through, so upgrade the software regularly.

After the installation, we see the following picture.

OBS Studio main view

Register to Twitch – Stream platforms

There are many major stream platforms that you can choose from. However, the main one is Twitch, where you should start as well. There is a chance that some category will perform better on other platforms, like talk show on YouTube, and not least, you can try multistreaming too.

In this guide, we are focusing on Twitch, but later on, or in the beginning, try different sites. Firstly, register an account on Twitch, if you haven’t got one. Just simply fill out the form and you are good to go. Keep in mind, that you can only change the username once in 90 days. registration screen

Twitch is regularly updating new features, so check out the latest news and settings.

Get Stream Key or Connect Account

There are two solutions to connect OBS Studio and Twitch. The first one is that you simply log in with your account into OBS, it’s the easier one. Go to File -> Settings -> Stream options, and click on “Connect Account”. A popup will appear, then log in with your newly created profile.

OBS Studio stream settings

The second one is where you retrieve your stream key from Twitch and paste it into the OBS.

Let’s go back to right now, what we are looking for is the stream key. With this key, you are allowed to stream, and we need to paste it to OBS Studio, to start broadcasting. After the login, click on your profile icon, and search for the Creator Dashboard. settings -> creator dashboard

The next step is to pick settings, then choose the stream options, and here it is your primary stream key.

Twitch settings, Primary Stream key

Copy and let’s go back to OBS Studio. Click on “Use Stream Key”, then paste your key and lastly save your settings with OK. There you go, you can officially start your stream with the help of the “Start Streaming” button.

Some good advice before you go

Right now, numerous amount people streaming right now, and starting at the time as you. At the time of the pandemic, this number is only going up. The main thing is, don’t start because of the money. We currently saw the real numbers, what really good streamers can earn. But you can’t be a millionaire after half an hour of streaming. In this profession, that’s not the case.

The beginning is hard, but with good strategy and tips, there is a chance to reach success faster.

The viewers have to feel, that you are enjoying what you are doing, otherwise, if you simply faking, it’s a good way out. It doesn’t matter what your current setup is, what kind of accessories do you have. If they are seeing, you are good or you are love what you are doing. There will be no obstacle that you can’t jump over.

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