How to live stream on LinkedIn? – Marketer’s Guide

They call it the social media of businesses, the Linkedin. Where you can find your new partners or friends, where you share your thoughts and inspire others with your achievements and experience. After that the streaming world is flourished, the platform is provides this solution for marketers. Then you can take your events and presentations to the online space.

In this article, you will find the most important requirements, equipment, and software to start on LinkedIn Live Video. Not to mention, how you can claim the privilege to stream on LinkedIn. Many people thought about this, during the pandemic. Now here is your ultimate guide, how you can do it yourself.

If you are already using Zoom, or you streamed in other platforms, created some events, then some of the steps will be friendly to you. We discuss the pieces of equipment, which ensure the stream, on the other hand, we check those apps, that make your life easier.

Where do you start?

There is 3 main content unit about LinkedIn Live. In the first one, we will discuss the LinkedIn Live Video requirements, what options are available to us. The second part is about the pieces of equipment and software that are unmissable to streaming. In the last part, we will talk a little about the streaming style and recommendations.

Linkedin Live Video

The LinkedIn Live Video, like the other streamer platforms, allows us to stream. However, in contrast to the other ones, there you will find the professional audience, along with the businesses (like Mercedes, or Nike). Therefore this opportunity not will be available to the general audience.

Not many pages and profiles will get the permit to stream on this social platform. There are some not negligible requirements and criteria. On the page, you have to have a certain reputation. This includes a genuine amount of followers, events, and post views. So those pages, created about two days ago before requested the permission to stream, be 100% sure, those will not get it.

LinkedIn streaming

The topics like “how to get rich quick” and same are not for this place and will be banned instantly. But let’s see what the exact requirements that LinkedIn defined, you can check here too.

  • You need to have a follower base, more than 150 followers
  • Original and unique content in your page or profile with regular posting schedule. And this not limited to text-based posts, but videos, pictures, slides and polls.
  • Your page or profile is meets the “Professional community policies” standard, it includes professional background and participate in the community
  • The LinkedIn Live Video is available everywhere, except China

With the first and last point, probably we shouldn’t have any problem, but with the two in the middle pops up some questions. Next, talk about the Professional Community Policies.

What are the standards?

The above mentioned is guidance, which contains many points about professionalism, participation in the community, and respect. Hopefully, we don’t need to talk about the last one, because Linkedin is built upon it. All the more with professionalism and audience.

You can build professionalism with an article on Linkedin, but we are not talking about PR or presentations about the company. A well-developed, deliberate article that is not just scratching the surface, should do the job. You can find some inspiration on Linkedin what’s we are talking about. Scrolling the thought further, you should write this article inside your category, what you will focus on the stream. Of course, this is only a recommendation, not a requirement, but you should consider it.

For the live streaming options, you should have some videos too, not least, if you have already done streams on other channels, upload to LinkedIn or share on it, will be a good intent.

But we can combine this in a comment. We can find many professional articles, with some survey analysis or with a question to answer. Don’t be shy to share your experiences and participate in a conversion. ( Never go full retard, everybody will instantly know if a false guy is there.)

LinkedIn comments it's not a joke

The additional elements of the standards are built on the essential human characteristics (don’t bother others, don’t share spam content, and don’t spam the feed), so we wouldn’t discuss further.

After we went through these things, we can clearly see that those two points mean the same. There is one key momentum, which is regularity. However it can mean many things, but the 3-4 posts per week is a good start.

The further points, which is not mentioned, but it has a big difference in adjudication is the following:

  • Two Factor Authentication is on, for the page administratiors and for the operators
  • Go through the earlier contents, and delete the not appropiate ones
  • Fully public page or profile, all the posts and articles are available for everyone

If you didn’t get permission on the first try, do not get scared, apparently, you need to request the permission multiple times.

Ultimately you can request approval here for the LinkedIn Live Video feature.

Equipment & Software

For the start let’s discuss the software solutions. You have two choices, one is to start with a platform that helps you stream to multiple platforms, while the other one is software. You can pick the best streaming software, but for platforms, while in software the OBS Studio will be a good pick.

If you choose, platforms, then after the approval you don’t have any task, but start streaming. With the help of, you can stream to multiple platforms, but there is a chance to combine the two solutions. With OBS Studio, not to mention Wirecast, you can connect to This software opens up more options and opportunities to make your event more professional and more engaging.

If you take a vote on the software, then some setup is needed for the output and the connection. For the output settings, LinkedIn gives us the following requirements.

Resolution720p is enough; 1080p is recommended
FPS30 fps
Keyframe Interval2
Video Bitrate3.5 Mbps Recommended; 6 Mbps Maximum
Audio Bitrate128 Kbps audio
Audio Sampling48 kHz sample rate
DecodingH.264 video, AAC audio

Before all of this, the essential equipment, that you need is good internet speed. If you pick a bigger resolution and higher video bitrate, then you need a faster internet speed. For those who are using Wi-Fi, please let it go.

Request Stream Key and URL – for Software users

If you chose the software solution, then the following steps are for you. The first step is requesting the stream key and the stream URL, which we need to paste into the program.

Keep in mind: After you get the stream key, then the stream can be started, so this is one of the last steps.

  1. You can start the stream in the following link:
  2. In the “New stream” option, pick the “Go live now”
  3. Crerate a new post, with your page or profile
  4. Under Your Stream details, give the Title of the stream
  5. You will find the URL, in the Stream settings option, by clicking on Get URL
  6. Before any of these, pick the Region which is nearer to you.
  7. Copy the Stream URL and the Stream Key, and paste into OBS Studio (After you click on OBS the Start Streaming button, you are going to live on LinkedIn)

Some professional equipment

These days only a smartphone is enough to start streaming, but on LinkedIn, you need to have the professional equipment for the expected appearance. We can’t start with a notebook webcam, or with the integrated microphone when the notebook is a little overheated and nobody will hear your voice because of the fan.

For starters, a streaming webcam is a rewarding divestment, which provides the resolution and the quality for streaming. Some streaming equipment is needed, like a microphone, softbox, or a background. But your business may be bought some video conference gear too, or you can choose a DSLR camera for streaming too.

Anyway, always check and test all of your equipment, before you push the “Live” button.

The content of your streaming

If you chose LinkedIn for your streaming platform, probably you have the clue or already have a strategy for what you want to stream and how you can achieve this. But one thing is getting approval on LinkedIn Live Video, and another one is to keep it. Fortunately, we have some recommendations for this too, but not just one.

  • Forget the spamming, and only focusing on promotion
  • A pre-recording stream is a no-go zone
  • The stream must be 15 min. length, because only this provides enough time to notify others
  • Again, the “how to get rich quick”, and this is the only way to get followers on LinkedIn methods is a main ban reason
  • Sponsors is only in the corners of the picture
  • The “stream starting soon” pre-screen is not suitable for this platform
  • Professionalism, professionalism, and professionalism

Acknowledge, that at least one support person will monitor your stream in the beginning.

LinkedIn Live Video only depends on you

Depends on you

Many opportunities, way more setting, but it is worth it. Right now it’s an open market, with little competition (of course there are already some marketers).

However, firstly it may seem to be hard to get approval on LinkedIn Live Video, but it is easier than you think. On the other hand, it is more questionable what you can achieve with live and how this is gain your advantages.

Are there any questions? Let me know in the comments.

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