How to live stream from your mobile?

We have the option to use our mobile to start a live stream. More and more people choose the IRL, walking, or eating category of streams. But we can mention broadcasts about smartphone games as well. One-one category needs different solutions. In one solution we need to share our mobile screen, in the other, we are using the smartphone camera for the stram.

If we talk about live stream from your mobile, we have many solutions, for example, we can pick the platforms integrated solutions and options. But there’s much third-party application, and the mobile-notebook connection with OBS Studio is given too.

In this article, we review these possibilities, which is the best tailored for you, and how you can start using them for the different platforms. The potential is in our hands, and we can start streaming in minutes with the help of our smartphones. You can choose even mobile internet to stream and create content.

Integrated Solutions

Next, we check which streamer platform has the integrated solutions. Mostly these are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. When we talk about “integrated solutions”, it means that these apps already have a built-in function for streaming and recording, without any other applications.

YouTube mobile live streaming

However, the YouTube app has an immediate Live button, it’s only usable after your account meets the following criteria:

  • 1000 Sub – After that you need to wait to authorize the account
  • Don’t have any restriction
  • Verified Channel
  • Smartphone is over Android 5.0+ or iOS 8.0+

If you reached these requirements, the live stream can begin. Open the YouTube app, and click on the plus sing.

YouTube app

Let’s choose to Go Live.

YouTube Live

After that we can determine, the publicity of the stream, public, not listed, or private. There is an option to pick a date when we would like to stream. The additional options like chat, monetization is adjustable. The app gives the possibility to use the smartphone camera or the screen to record.

In the end, after the settings, you can start the stream with a tap at “Go Live”.

Facebook streaming

For a long time, Facebook has a gaming section, which focuses only on playing. It was available at the time of Mixer, but after it ceases more and more streamers chose Facebook. Under Facebook streaming, we have two choices. The first one is the aforementioned option, while the second one is more general when we are going live on our Facebook page. Let’s start with the last.

Equally, we can try with our Facebook profile or with the page we already have. For that, go to your Facebook page. The live option will appear where you publish a post.

Facebook live streaming

If you tap on “Live”, the app will use the smartphone camera instantly. Add some filter, text, pictures, or animations to the streaming. We can pick one link as well. After the settings are set, the live can begin.

Facebook live with page

Facebook live doesn’t have the possibility to record your phone screen. For that, Facebook Gaming is required.

Facebook Gaming app

The app uses your Facebook profile, but you can use the Facebook pages attached to your account, for streaming. Keep in mind: If you don’t pick any Facebook page, the app starts streaming with your profile by default.

To select the page, tap on your profile picture, which is in the top right corner. After that, under your name, you will find the Dashboard.

Facebook gaming live stream

Under the dashboard, the page change option will appear, those pages, where we have permission to stream. Under the page, tap on the “Go Live” button to start the streaming. The first time you should choose what would like to stream, the game, or the app (like in TikTok).

Facebook Gaming Go Live

After that fill out the additional settings, and start the live stream from your smartphone!

Instagram Live

On Instagram the Live works like Stories, however currently TikTok is an outstanding platform, where you should try live streaming as well. Login to your account, then on the bottom side tap on the plus icon.

Instagram go live

Scroll to the “Live” option, and tap on the broadcast icon to start the streaming. On the left side, you have additional options where you can set the live stream title, or you can collect donations too. More settings at the gear icon. The archive or the option to save live streaming is placed here, so you can use the recording later on.

TikTok Live Streaming

As we mentioned before, TikTok is right now the main platform for everybody who wants to be an influencer. But businesses shouldn’t miss this opportunity as well. Many opportunities, and advantages you will find there, for example, webshop owners, but you can earn some coins too. The live streaming options, like on YouTube, are only available after 1000 subscribers. But this does not stagger you, it’s reachable after 10 or 20 videos.

TikTok Live

If you reached this criterion, then the Live option is placed under the plus sign. You need to scroll over, to find it. Write some words, and hashtags in the description and start the live stream.

Twitch Mobile Streaming

The Twitch was only for game streamers, but lately the IRL, talk shows and general broadcast takes the first place. For these types of streams, but not limited to the camera, the main application will give the solution. We can use our smartphone screen to record, but this is only a beta function. Let’s check out how you can find and use it.

After downloading the app, sign in, and at the top center of the screen tap on the camera icon.

Twitch app

You will find the two options here, the IRL or the screen recording. If you pick the IRL, then the stream title and category are enough to start the stream.

Twitch Mobile Streaming

On the other hand, the Twitch screen recording method needs some permission to work properly, like the most important one is “Display over other apps”. (Most of the apps will need this permission.)

Display over other apps

After you are granted, choose the preferred game. On the next screen, you will find some important tips, which you should read.

Following are the general and the additional settings. We get a small icon, where the controls are located, like the start streaming option or the chat. The streaming instantly stops, when you lock the screen. If you want to hide and completely stop the stream simply drop the icon to the bottom of your screen.

Live stream with third party apps

The above applications are only for their platforms, therefore is no option to use cross-platform these apps. Some of them are not so thorough and need some development too, but the following apps will do the job.


If you are into streaming, you already know Streamlabs, the main platform, or the software called Streamlabs OBS, which is the desktop edition to the following app. The application is easy to use. After downloading, just log in with your preferred account, where you would like to stream. (The first step is to create an account at Streamlabs and fill out the settings with your information.)

Streamlabs login screen

After that two options, you will have, the first one is streaming with your camera, the second is to use the screen. Later on, you can modify this.

Stramlabs camera or screen sharing

The next step is only to start streaming. However you can choose YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms, but the catch is that the Prime members are only allowed to stream multiple platforms and the Streamlabs logo is removable with the subscription. The application has many options and settings, we can select the output separately, along with the FPS and the resolution.

What is more exceptional is that the layout Editor, where you have a small construction page, and you can build up the layer. This option is only available in this app. Add some pictures, screens, cameras, or animations too.

Streamlabs layer builder

Later on, we will talk about the other function, which is inside this application, the internal network streaming, in an easy way.

Omlet Arcade

The current application is not only for live streaming but for screen sharing and recording too. In fact, inside you will find a whole social ecosystem, where you can post, chat and stream like the other platforms. This is mainly for gamers, but some IRL stream is findable too, only for verified users.

Omlet Arcade stream to options

For streaming, you need an Omlet account. After that, tap on the plus sign, which is at the bottom of the screen. Choose the category, or the app, that you want to stream. The next is to determine the streaming details, like which stream platform you would like to use along Omlet. Furthermore, many additional settings are only available in the PLUS subscription, like stream cover image.

If you follow along, you already saw, there is an internal streaming option in this app as well.


An awesome, user-friendly, basic app, where you can create clubs right now. Simply tap on “Setup Stream”.

Turnip app screen

Choose the game, fill out the stream title, description and add a cover image.

The next step is to pick your stream platform and set the stream quality. Test the stream preview, and you should be good. Basically, you don’t need an account, but for safety register one, and if you are already there create your club too.

Is there another good application, that you use? Don’t keep it to yourself, share in the comment!

Live stream with computer

The mentioned applications are a good solution for only IRL or screen sharing, but if you want to use both of them, then your face will not be the most preferred one. For that here comes the ultimate solution where you connect your pc and your smartphone, and the help of streaming software, like OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. You can use your webcam, or other streaming equipment along with the smartphone screen in the same scene. Two options we have, hardware or software.

Software solutions

One of the main solutions is with the help of the Streamlabs app. In the settings, you should find an option called LAN, where you can start streaming inside your network.

After you started, you will get an URL, which you can paste into OBS Studio, or Streamlabs OBS, at the particular scene, as “Media Source”. Take out the checkmark before “Local File”

OBS Studio smartphone screen sharing as media source

Get ready: With this solution, because of the internal streaming, there will be a 2-3 seconds delay.

The other same solution is with Miracast, which most phones have. This is an option that is mainly used in streaming to the TV.

Phone miracast for screen sharing

This option only will work fine, if your notebook or pc has the receive function.

Hardware Mobile Live Streaming solution

The last possibility, which we would talk about now, is a long-standing solution. Namely, some smartphones have HDMI output, in the old and premium models, or the new ones with USB-C. Along with the converter (USB-C to HDMI), you will need an HDMI to computer equipment. For that, the Elgato Cam Link is the best choice for recording the signal. And why do you want this at all? You will get a higher quality, than the software solutions, and it will be faster than the streaming options.

The first is what you need is a converter from Micro USB or USB-C to HDMI. The iPhone users should buy an AV adapter. But before you invest in that, check your smartphone, if that is able to send an HDMI signal through output. (You can find an app for that.)

If you’re ready with the testing and bought the equipment, you have no other task, than to add the received signal as a “Video Recording Equipment” to the streaming software.

Which solution is tailored for you?

No matter what, which is the best solution. If you are starting right now, one of the applications or integrated option will suit you. In one platform some categories will perform better than in the others. That’s what you need to test in the first one or two weeks. But for the last solutions, like hardware ones, for starters, that’s may a no-go zone.

After you reached a certain viewer base, should consider upgrading to this type of equipment.

Do you have any questions? Let’s discuss this in the comment section!

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