How to create your stream background – Guide for Streamers

At the beginning of streaming, you want to get all of the equipment that you can need and you want to strive for perfection. Let’s mention the best webcam for streaming, the best streaming apps, or what’s this article is about the stream background. What’s behind you, what the viewers can see, is lay down the main vibe of your streaming. However, while you playing a green screen may be the best solution, on the other hand, a talk show or an afternoon streaming, a well-designed stream background will affect your followers.

So lets a review, the stream background ideas, and trends on how you can design yours with some tweaks. During the design, we will talk about the cheaper ones as well as the more professional looks, therefore you can find the best that suits you. Namely, not sure, that the professional setup that costs thousands of dollars will reflect your personality, but maybe a painting.

Coming now, the discussion of the solutions, that you can apply on your stream, but you can find other ones that may outside of your scope. However you can read about these, but in the end, your style will be the last but most important. Now, Where you should start?

Where do you start the selection?

Before you start to purchase the expensive streaming equipment, consider your current streaming income as a starting point. Not to mention, the first “equipment” you should focus on is that yourself. Like with the help of an e-book. You can buy the best equipment, you can buy the most expensive streaming computer, but in vain, if your viewers not enjoying your broadcast. They do not find themself in your stream, there’s no connection between you and the viewers.

But you can read more in this article about how to start streaming.

However, this article does not write for the business side of the streaming, but we should talk about that a little and discuss some statutes for starters. The first thing is that you need to invest your one or so income in the streaming, that’s how you can grow. Not with spending your first stream income with friends. It’s fancy and you can say that this hoodie is bought by your first streaming income. But the things like the stream background, you can upgrade with the help of this money.

If you make up your mind with this concept, then let’s start.

Green Screen

You can find a whole article about green screens, and that’s should be the first thing that you invest in. Nevertheless, that you can use while game streaming, with some click and picture, video or animated background you can be anywhere.

Green screen in stream background

Sou can easily change the vibe, for example, a transition between two games or scenes. Depending on your room, a folding one, like the Elgato Green Screen is a good choice. Then the moving and the setup should not be a problem. But as you can read in the green screen article, you can do it by yourself.

In any case, the green screen should be number one on your list.

Lightning – Softbox

Besides the appropriate light conditions and arrangement, lightning is also one of the first places, you should start. When you are in a dark room, then less light reaches you and the background, therefore the webcam or camera is recording less light. The next thing you will see is a grainy picture as your viewers will leave.

You can solve this problem in two ways, the first one is a correct arrangement. You need to place your computer in front of a window, but not so tight that the sun oversaturates the whole picture. Then the light comes in front of you, not behind you. If the light is too intense, then use a white canvas in front of your window.

The second one is to get a professional softbox or lightning equipment. Most of the time, people not streaming in daylight, but afternoon, moreover in the evening, when the above-mentioned lightning is not “available”. Then you should take care of the lightning. One of the current lightning solutions for streamers, by Elgato, is called Key Light, but you can go to the nearest shop for a softbox.

Preferably the light must come from two angles, so you can prevent the shadows from appearing on your face. Not least, for the green screen, we can say that this is essential since this will help you exclude the green colors from you.

Stream overlays, Metaverse – Made by designers

However the following solution is not so physical, but nowadays it’s living a golden age, for example, DrDisrespect.

Or we can mention Xanadu, who is started not a while ago. He’s epic, who knows the catch.

Along with the physical, probably you will spend more on this, of course for the premium overlays, and for creating the metaverse. Yes, because not only a stream background or an animated video that your options, but whole worlds, with the help of Unreal Engine. In real-time.

This technology is in the cinema industry for a long time, and the AR technology, the Lidar sensor which is prebuilt in the iPhones, the solution is in your hand too. Not to mention, the nowadays trends, the streaming with virtual avatars.


Here comes the fun part, the accessories, which help you build your streaming room, the stream background. Most of the time you can see a shelf behind the streamer, where the things that they received from viewers, or companies are stored.

Shelf as stream background

As background lightning, today’s uprising Nanoleaf triangles is a choice. You can change the colors by touch, and you can turn them on and off remotely. You don’t need to choose this brand, because now you can find a similar product at other brands too. Then place it on the wall behind you.

If you want a cheaper solution then a led strip with built-in Wi-Fi is another solution, that you can combine with the self and place them within the compartments.

The natural colors, like brown, is more for the talk shows and podcasts, where the intimate vibe is needed. It will reflect a natural and honest conversation.

brown stream background for podcasts

For the game live streaming, the wild colors and the mood lighting, that should highlight you from the crowd. You should consider picking a premium stream overlay too, which many times contains stream backgrounds too.

Plants, if you don’t want to take the time to take care of watering, then the artificial plants you should consider. These are complete the impact of your background, and give a plus for your streams. However the artificial plants at the first sight, a good choice, because through the camera, the effect is not felt, but for you, streaming next to it, day by day, a real one is a better choice.

Which is best for you?

Above, we spoke about the categories, podcasts, game streams. For the gamers as for podcasters, need to create a unique, different appearance. In every case, try to differ from others, and create a new look. Mostly your style, and you, that’s need to be reflected.

Last, but not least try to create an “ecosystem” where everything is connected, and it forms a whole. Since a Nanoleaf with a custom-made wood shelf would show strangely.

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