10+ Free Stream Overlays Websites (for Twitch & YouTube)

In the beginning, you don’t need anything, but to start streaming. Don’t need to any advanced layer, transitions between scenes, or add overlays. Just the good content. However, as you grow, it is required to create more exceptional streams, this is the time to show more, and make more colorful your broadcast. Bring in your personality, and the game that you playing right now. The OBS Studio and the Streamlabs OBS or mobile versions give many options to add pictures, videos, and overlays to the live stream.

You have many choices when we talk about presence or stream overlays. There are many platforms, which provide stream overlays for you. Some of them are free, the more advanced ones are paid. If you want a unique appearance, which is more aesthetic and gives back your personality, the best solution of course to ask a graphic designer to create the design or buy a premium one.

The following lists contain general free stream overlays, but there are some, that are exceptionally made for games like Fortnite, League of Legends, CS:GO, etc. But in the end, your style should make the decision, which is best for you.

Best free stream overlays

  1. Own3d.tv
  2. Nerd or Die
  3. wdflat
  4. Placeit
  5. Zerging
  6. Canva
  7. Player.me
  8. Twitch Overlay
  9. Twitch Temple
  10. Visual by Impulse
  11. Twitch Designs

1. Own3d.tv

own3d.tv free twitch stream overlays

On Own3d, you will find mostly premium overlays. Fortunately, they published some of them for free. The more detailed ones are only available after purchase, but you’ll find some for your needs.

What you can find on the platform? Mostly Twitch overlays, webcam frames, webcam backgrounds, panels, notifications, and different banners. Mostly these are available with animation too.

2. Nerd or Die

free youtube stream overlays on nerd or die

The Nerd or Die‘s content is not so different from Own3d. There you will find many premium overlays, alerts, panels, and backgrounds.

The site was a blog and a YouTube channel before, but after time developed into a whole brand, which supplies the streamers with graphics and content in the world.

You can use these appearances and graphics elements mostly in streams, so as in the different platforms, like Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube.

3. wdflat

wdflat is only for free overlays to twitch

This one is going to be the most liked. On the wdflat site, you will find fully free stream overlays. More than 450 pieces of graphics and visual content are available for everybody.

Panels, webcam frames, broadcasting layers, banners, transitions, and starting soon videos. There is one setback because it’s free, it won’t reach the quality that we mentioned above. And because it’s free we may find these on other streamer’s broadcasts.

4. Placeit

place it animated stream overlays

Placeit is more about online content, videos, graphics elements, and mockups than only a stream overlays website. But with these, you can stand out from the crowd. The website is user-friendly and gives many tools to customize these elements.

So you don’t have to use the same overlays, banners, like the template ones, which are available to everyone, but change for your personality. After that, you save, add to your stream layer and go live to Facebook or YouTube.

You have many options to choose from and customize, but for the better one, you need to open your wallet.

What you will find on the website?

  • OBS Studio overlay maker (a tool which helps you to throw together a layer)
  • Social Media covers
  • Twitch banners, overlays, panels, and cover images
  • Webcam frames

5. Zerging

zerging multi langue stream graphics

Zerging probably going to fall short of the competition, but with one or two clicks you can download free stream overlays, and that’s why it is in fifth place. After that, a little tweak with Gimp or Photoshop, rewrite the texts, or you can let it go and use it right away.

6. Canva

Canva twitch overlay maker

Canva is not only suitable for Twitch overlay, but with its app, you can easily create one for yourself. Some sense of graphics and design is needed, however, you can find templates from twitch panels, to overlay templates and starting soon videos.

With the new video maker feature, you can create more advanced videos than before, with transitions and royalty-free music too. It depends on your needs, but for regular use, especially if you’re posting on social media, or you streaming to multiple platforms, you may consider subscribing to the pro plan. Then more premium elements and designs will be available, along with social scheduling.

7. Player.me

player.me social platform for streaming

Before the brands changed to Player.me, it was called Strexm.tv. Right now is not only a so-called “stream overlays” website but a detailed platform, where you can share and post. You can save it later and connect player.me with your social media.

Give it a shot, it’s worth a try.

8. Twitch Overlay

customizable twitch overlays

You should recognize, what you will find on this website, mostly Twitch overlays, and packages. But there are some for YouTube, and other platforms too.

For the premium overlays, you need to pay for them, but currently, more than 50 are available for free. It includes many overlays, profile graphics, Twitch notifications, broadcasting layers, and webcam boxes.

The premium overlays are available for $10, while the advanced ones are over $20.

9. Twitch Temple

Twitchtemple playable stream overlays some of them are free

Twitch Temple is about complete stream packages, with overlays, panels, alerts, and frames, but you can purchase logos, graphics, and alerts separately as well.

The premium ones are from $10 to $30, these are more detailed and with a more percussive appearance. The free versions are mostly for Twitch.

10. Visual by Impulse

create your stream brand with viusal by impulse

Currently, on Visual by Impulse, you can search more than 40+ free overlay, icons, designs, and banners.

For some is focused especially on games, like League of Legends. The premium versions are $7 – $30, of course, the logos are more expensive than this price.

The appearances are optimized for Twitch and Streamlabs.

+1 Twitch Designs

Twitch Design, free panels alerts and stream overlays

Twitch Design is built for streamers too. Sort from many overlays, panels, logos, and graphics.

Especially the games are in focus, Battlefield or CS:GO. The main templates are available in multiple colors and you vary them with others. The elements are compatible with Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.

All these are all collection websites. If you go through and search more you can find many little sites with only one or two templates and stream overlays. (For example in freelancer’s design sites)

If you have a good spot or a resource, that you can share with others, don’t keep yourself, and share with us in the comment! You can share your Twitch page too, let’s see what you are working with.

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