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Streamlabs is basically a streamer support platform, gives you the opportunity for your viewers to donate to you. You can create notifications about the donations, then when a viewer or a supporter sends you money a popup or a window will show through at stream. Therefore others will be motivated and they can also send you messages.

However, Streamlabs evolving and developing new and new features and there are many opportunities that you can use to give a more professional look to your stream. For example, you can use different widgets, alerts, or infoboxes (modules, notifications, and feeds). Streamlabs combined with OBS Studio, take you to the next level of streaming, your broadcast will be more colorful and unique when you display the donations.

Before you start thinking about how you can use these add-ons, make sure you properly set up the OBS Studio settings, to prevent any setbacks through streaming. Secondly, if you are more into game streaming than others, and you want to modify these elements regularly, then maybe Streamlabs OBS is a better choice for you.

Alert box

The first step is that you need to register into Streamlabs. We’re already covered all of the options and setup process in this article, which is also a step-by-step guide. And you can catch up with the different views, and how it contributes to the overall usage.

Streamlabs Alert Box setup

The Alert Box (or Notification Box) is the most important module, which you will need. Through this, you can show mostly all the information, like followers, subscribers, donations, bits, and etc.

Above you can see some alert themes and designs, but for that, you need the Prime subscription, but without it, you also have many settings to tailor to your needs.

The next row is about the notifications, what you want to display through Alert Box. Probably the following you will need, Follows, Subscriptions, ReSubs, Donations, and Bits. You can separate them later on, and you can add more modules to your stream, which only shows one event at a time.

Under the link you can test out how it will show during the stream, therefore you can place it better, after knowing the size.

Under that, you can find the Widget URL, which you need to place into the OBS Studio settings, but we’ll cover it later.

Under the link you can test the module out, therefore you can place more delicately and use all the given space.

The Alert Delay, where you can set how many seconds should the module display after the notification. You should turn off the Moderation Delay option, because if you enable it, then all the notifications need to be allowed by an administrator or a moderator. For that solution, a predefined word filter is more efficient solution, which we already covered. Otherwise, you can use the filter next to it, to set up the time.

Streamlabs Alert Delay, Layout settings

After that you’ll find the global settings, which is for all Alert Box display properties. Of course, you can define it later.

The Layout is for the showing settings. The additional settings is not modifiable right now, if you already set it up, after registration.

Streamlabs follows settings

Set the event design settings one by one, then the subscription, the donation or a follow will show up differently, with unique text, logo, animation, and design.

The first two setting is coming from the global options, which you already set it up. The Alert Animation is for the popup animation. You can use zoom-in, zoom-out, shaking, and you have many other options. The first one is the start animation, while the second one is for the ending.

The Message Template, is of course, for the donation texts, which will appear along with the animation. The settings under that are for the animation for the text, which is covers many options as well.

The Streamlabs is offering some built-in pictures and logos for the text, but if you want to step out from the crowd, you should want to search for a unique one. Also, there is the possibility to create one with the help of a designer. Check out the logo, picture, or the animation license, before you put it on the show.

The sound of the events should be also a unique one, there’s some predefined ones, but you can add from third-party. Keep in mind to name the license owner, or the creator of the music.

The following sliders is about the volume, the event duration, and the text delay. The sound volume of the notification shouldn’t be too much, especially if you’re a professional gamer. And you don’t want to be too long if you’re placing the event on the center of your stream.

Text Animation Sound Effects showing alert box

If you have some developer background, or you know some HTML, or Javascript, then the next settings are for you. With that you can create a full dynamic notification, with the API settings.

Along with the font type options, which you can choose at the “Open Font Settings” tab, you can modify the size, color, and the background of the text.

You can create other design variants, with the “Open Alert Variations”, and the regularity of how many times it should appear.

Subscription, Donations – Alert Box

The settings of the other events are the same, but you will have some plus function in one another.

For example, the Subscriptions, you can set the Resubscribe text differently, than the first subscription and you can choose another reader for that.

Subscription and Donation box design settings in Streamlabs

On the Donations tab you can define whether the system read out the donation text or not. English and many other languages are supported. Below that you can set the minimum amount of donation for the notification as well.

Widget – Module – How to add it to OBS Studio?

How to add streamlabs to OBS Studio

After you set everything, the design, the animation and the texts, then this is the time when you can add it to OBS Studio. First you need to add a new source, called Browser Source.

Browser Source in OBS Studio

Name the source, and paste the Widget URL, that you copied in the Alert Box settings, to the Web address (URL field). It’s ok, if you use the given width and the height (800 x 600). The next step is hit OK.

Testing Alert Box in OBS Studio

If you’re done, then just click on the box and place it where you preferred. You can make it larger, by clicking one of the side. With the test button, which you’ll find on Streamlabs platform, you can test it out.

Other modules – Widgets

Other modules - Widgets in Streamlabs

There are many other modules, that you can use by Streamlabs, which will give more color to your stream, and that list goes on. You can add the Chat Box, the Event List, or a Donation Goal to your broadcast.

Do you have any question? Do not hesitate to ask in the comments!

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