OBS failed to authenticate with Twitch? – Fix Guide

Once you opened up OBS Studio, the following message waiting for you “OBS failed to authenticate with Twitch”. There’s a little to no percentage when Twitch servers are not available, or your connection to Twitch is not available. You can check here if something is going on with Twitch. But if that’s not the case, then the problem is on your side.

Most of the time the failed authentication is by some conflict, or misbehavior, that you can solve with the following steps. Where did you get this message? The next image shows.

OBS failed to authenticate with twitch
Source: Reddit

Many people can face this problem by starting the OBS. The authentication process is needed to be done after you click on start streaming, not at the time you launch OBS. Therefore your program not behaving well, If that’s the case. But you will find a solution for that too. So let’s start.

1. Two-Factor Authentication

After the current situation of Twitch, it may be the most important step. Streamers are already required to use Two-Factor Authentication, but you may get out the restriction, until now. To get your Stream Key, you need to enable the authentication process.

Let’s go to the Twitch Account Settings, Security and Privacy tab.

Twitch enable two-factor authentication in the settings

Click on Set Up Two-Factor Authentication, and enable it. You need to add your phone number, then Twitch will send an SMS. Inside the text message, you will find a code, which you need to write into the field.

After that, if your Steam Key, was not available, right now it’s should be visible. Therefore the connection must be live too.

2. Restart and Updates

If you’re familiar with the HelpTechYou – obs fix guides, then the first step is always the restarting of the OBS. This ends all running processes, and hidden tasks, that may cause the problem. Besides that, some addons which start with OBS will stop too.

The next thing is to restart your OS too if the previous step didn’t solve your problem. Again, it’s ending all running software, and scripts that built-in OBS.

The updates are as important as a slice of bread. You should check regularly for OBS Studio upgrades, and Windows too. Some gaming or recording updates may be rolled out, which has something to do with the failed authentication, in your situation. So go ahead, and update all of them, including drivers.

3. Run as Administrator

It may not as important as the other steps, because other errors will come up if that’s the situation. Like display capture shows black screen, or an encoder error occurred. But permissions are tricky and some network or firewall issues may be causing the problem.

Just simply right-click on the OBS icon, and select “Run as Administrator”. But we should say, that’s not a final solution. If you need to every time run as administrator software, then you may need to create another Windows account, which has the proper permissions.

4. Disconnect your Twitch from OBS

Most of the time, this step probably solves your situation. In some way, the authentication process is got stuck, and It may want to use an older key or some other information that is not recent, or something else. For this step, you need to do the following.

  1. Go to OBS Settings
  2. Click on the Stream tab
  3. Under stream tab, choose Disconnect Account
  4. Log in again

That’s should do the job. If you’re still getting the message, then try to use Stream Key directly.

5. Delete Preference Settings – Reinstall OBS

If you’re getting the failed to authenticate with Twitch message with the start of the OBS, then you can’t do anything inside the software.

Authentication Failure, Failed to authenticate with Twitch.
Source: obsproject.com

Your first recommendation in this step is to delete preferences settings. In this obs fix guide, you’ll find the solution and the tasks. Keep in mind, that with this solution, all of your profiles, scenes will be deleted.

After the delete process, do an OS reboot and start again the program.

Did you still get the message? Silly OBS. Uninstall it! Besides the joke, one of the last solutions is to uninstall the OBS Studio. This will delete the addons, and scripts which may, again, do the error.

But, only the reinstalling process of the OBS, will not delete your preferences, therefore some python scripts may still be on your computer. After the new installation, it will find the program. So if your taking your vote in this step, delete the preferences too.

Last settings

The last step is about reinstallation of the Windows. You’ve tried everything, the Twitch servers are operational, you’ve reinstalled the obs, updated everything, but nothing seems to work. If you’re still here, please let me know in the comment section, about your situation.

In the end, the reinstallation is not that bad, because if nothing works, then some major problem is on your PC.

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