Best Christmas Gifts and Deals for Live Streamers – 2021

Christmas is around here, and you are thinking about a present, or you just want to find the best deals for yourself. In this article, we cover most of the best deals you can find on the internet for live streamers and broadcast fanatics. You can find physical items, like microphones, webcams, hardware, or equipment, but many subscriptions are available at a high as 50% discount.

Let’s see what are the best Christmas gifts and deals for live streamers.

1. Humble Bundle

On Humble Bumble, you can always find a good game, a book, or a software collection at the portion of the original price. Software like Magix Vegas, right now Luminar AI, or royalty-free sounds is at huge deals. But you can learn programming through the books and courses that Humble offers on the site. Another and maybe the most reason you want to use it is that a decent amount of the payment is going to charity. It’s always changing, but always for the good. For example, right now One Tree Planted, and charity:water is one of the charities that will get the money.

The Humble Choice is a considerable one too, which is a game subscription package, with many good names. For right now, you can purchase a one-year package for only $99. Let’s go and grab it for your streamer friend.

2. Govee Flow Plus Smart LED

Currently, on-trend, the LED smart lights. The Govee standing light is one of the good choices. You can connect with smart speakers, like Alexa, or Google. It creates a good vibe for a Twitch streamer room and It’s great for the stream background.

4. Havit RGB Headphones Stand

The Havit headphones stand, with an RGB base, have an AUX and two USB ports, where you can charge your devices too. It’s a good choice for a gamer and well-designed equipment which you can place at the desk.

5. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

The Razer headphones are the essential ones for a professional gamer. These headphones are used in gaming contests as well. The 7.1 surround and the wireless solution give you a whole new level of gaming experience. And the built-in microphone is a great start for streamers.

6. Elgato Stream Deck Mini

Your friend or kid is starting streaming right now? Then the Elgato Stream Deck Mini, with 6 customizable buttons is the right choice. You can place any app, software, or script to the button. You can switch between profiles easily, so if you’re using it for video editing it can be a transition or a cut button.

7. Blue Yeti USB Mic

A USB Mic is so important for a multi-streamer or creating a podcast show. Without XLR you just need to plug in the microphone and it’s ready to go. Ok, there are many settings for these types of devices, where you can fine-tune the sound or you can add other filters. The Blue Yeti is also an industry standard, which is a good call. You can mute the input sound with an external button, and attach a headphone for instant feedback.

8. Universal Cleaning Gel

We know, how dirty it can be your keyboard or the mouse pad. However we have the ultimate solution for cleaning the environment of your PC, but with this Cleaning Gel, it’s easier. If you’re using it on a day-by-day basis, you prevent the monthly cleaning practice, and also It will be clean every day.

9. LEVOIT Air Purifiers

Staying on the clean side of the thing, sitting inside every day, can be challenging if the air is not right, especially in big cities, where the pollution is high. The Levoit Air Purifier removes any dirt and other particles, which prevents you from asthma and so on. It’s a Wi-Fi-enabled device, and you can attach it to external smart speakers too.

10. HORUS X – Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The names clear, what this glass is capable of. It’s hard for a YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook streamer, watch two or even three-screen every day, especially in the evening hours. It prevents the overdose of the blue lights that coming from the screens, and you will have even better sleep. Your eyes will thank you later.

11. Elgato Key Light

Going more professional, the lighting is crucial, it makes a medium-quality webcam image also a better one. The Elgato, which focuses on streaming, and we also mentioned the Deck, created this light only for streamers.

12. Elgato Green Screen

With a Green Screen, you can do basically anything. Change the background, and put some custom-made backdrop, like a mountain, or an animation. This Green Screen is also collapsible, so at the same time, you can save some space too.

13. TC-Helicon Vocal Effects Processor

The GOXLR is for the hard players. The Mixer can do most of the sound processing tasks. Attach your XLR mic, add some effect, control the different tracks one by one. You can set up some FX too.

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