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More and more features are coming from Streamlabs. The platform started as a little project where you can receive donations. Nowadays with their own streaming software, called SLOBS, you can probably do anything. In this category, you will find many guides for setting up the platform as the software. Or fixing solutions for occurring problems. Anything from Streamlabs.

OBS Studio – Streamlabs Setup Guide

OBS Studio - Streamlabs Setup Guide

Streamlabs is basically a streamer support platform, gives you the opportunity for your viewers to donate to you. You can create notifications about the donations, then when a viewer or a supporter sends you money a popup or a window…

Streamlabs Registration and Setup Guide

Streamlabs registration and setup guide

If you’re already started streaming (if you not, then check out our “How to start streaming ?” article), Streamlabs is one of the crucial apps for a streamer. Streamlabs is a platform, where you can add different widgets, alerts (also…

Streamlabs OBS – Setup Guide for Beginners

Streamlabs OBS Setup

The following article, helps you to set up Streamlabs OBS settings and give you a brief tutorial for usage. You will know, how to install, configure and use the SLOBS. For the starters, the beginning should be the “How to…