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You can find the best OBS Studio guides on the internet here! Are you looking for a detailed guide for OBS setup? Do you want to solve an issue, like a black screen or an encoder overloaded? Did you want to make your stream more professional? You find it here! All OBS Studio solutions.

OBS – How to Record Screen?

How to record your screen with OBS

OBS Studio is one of the best free streaming and screen recording software available right know. There are many other programs that you can use for this purpose like Movavi, Bandicam, Screenocast. However these ones are freemium versions, so they…

OBS Keeps Disconnecting – Tutorial Guide

OBS Keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

Did you experienced some disconnecting and reconnecting through at streaming with OBS, especially with Twitch, Facebook or Youtube? You began your streaming career or you already streaming a long time ago, but the above mentioned problem happened right know? This…

Why OBS not capturing game? – Quick Fix

OBS not capturing game - QUICK FIX

Did you setup correctly the OBS Studio? Are you already started your streaming career, but OBS not capturing game? OBS Studio is one of the best streaming and recording software, however sometimes some problem may come along, like showing black…

5+ Best OBS Studio Plugins

OBS Studio Plugins

Whether you starting your streaming career, or you already a well-known broadcaster, you definetaly know, that OBS Studio one of the best streaming software. However, sometimes you can reach it’s limitations, while you want to add more effects, or you…

OBS Studio – Streamlabs Setup Guide

OBS Studio - Streamlabs Setup Guide

Streamlabs is basically a streamer support platform, gives you the opportunity for your viewers to donate to you. You can create notifications about the donations, then when a viewer or a supporter sends you money a popup or a window…