Bitrate Calculator

This stream bitrate calculator shows your recommended value to set for streaming. The Min value is the starting point, while the Max is the highest you should set. In most cases, the Min value will be enough, but on some platforms, like on YouTube, along with games where rendering is important (Warzone, Valoriant, Fortnite). You may need to set a higher value, between Min and Max.

As you start streaming, you are going to need to set up OBS Studio, or Streamlabs OBS. In the Stream settings, you will find the option of Bitrate, you going to search in Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, which is recommended. Most of the time you’ll probably face lagging or the following picture.

As you can see, the incorrectly set bitrate greatly affects your stream. That’s why this calculator is made. To make sure you have the perfect settings in case of bitrate.

On the other hand, you will find at the bottom of the page your recommended internet speed for streaming. Streaming is only should require 50% – 70% of your speed to make sure have enough backup.

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You need to set your streaming resolution, your FPS (frame per second), and you are good to go. The calculator based on the recommendations of the streaming platforms, like Twitch, YouTube, Facebok, and with personal experiment along with others recommendations. You can set your Audio Bitrate too, for calculation.

After the bitrate calculation, you can see how much internet speed do you need for streaming. Mark your programs that you are using during streaming, set up how much percent should the streaming reserve, than it shows your required speed.

In streaming bitrate, is the number of bits that are conveyed or processed per unit of time. Wikipedia  If you have a higher bitrate, then more bits you are sending to the platforms, what means is more detailed picture, higher quality. But it means more uploading speed as well.

Nowadays a smartphone is enough to start streaming, but probably you need more than that. Check this article , to found out, how much hardware power do you need.

Check the platforms recommendations by stream bitrates.